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Creator of a revolutionary meditation technique

“Meditation For Daily Stress”


Author of 20 published books, 19 in French, 1 in English.

Before moving to the US, Michel Pascal calls on his experience living in Kopan Monastery in the Himalayas, as well as his close relationship and dedicated study of 15 years under renowned Buddhist master Chepa Dorje Rinpoche, the last descendant of Marpa, now deceased. Additionally, Michel is the disciple of Theologian Psychologist Jean-Yves Leloup. Pascal is advised by and works closely with neuroscientists Dr. Mario Beauregard, Ph.D., who is officially considered one of one- hundred most important pioneers in science in this century, and by Dr. Natalie Trent, Ph.D. author and professor at Harvard University.

Michel is also one of a few meditation singers. He uses his voice and visualizations to create a deep healing sensation



  • New York’s Carnegie Hall, in November 2016.

    RELAXSING show invited the audience on a journey through one’s soul through relaxing cosmic and medieval melodies.

  • A new show will be produced again at Carnegie Hall in 2018

  • In Los Angeles He had been invited to sing at:

    • AGAPE by Reverend Michael Beckwith

    • Skirball cultural center By Deepak Chopra at his event “You are the Universe” March 2017.

As a director of Spiritual documentaries Michel was invited at the Post Materialist Summit 2017, (Tucson, august 23-27) to direct a documentary about this Summit. All the most famous scientists of America will gather for a week. The Summit is organized by Professor Gary Schwartz.

As a Speaker Michel had thought in some of the most famous universities of America, and Also in companies that are in fortune 500 companies.

Michel has created with Amity Foundation the first meditation program for “lifers” (people who have spent 20+ years incarcerated) reintegrating into society after prison. Amity is well known for its jaw dropping statistics: without support, over 80% of incarcerated citizens return to jail. With the Amity program 80% of its students escape the cycle of incarceration and re-enter into society.

Support Amity Foundation

One of Pascal`s latest work includes the creation of the APP “Meditation for Daily Stress”.

This APP will be conceived with the revolutionary concept of artificial intelligence, to help people to feel less stress immediately and in any circumstances.

“Meditation for Daily Stress created by Michel Pascal is a revolutionary new meditation technique that has probably the best potential to rapidly enhance our cognitive abilities and positively transform our perception of daily life. This powerful technique can alsooptimize our brain, and dramatically improve our emotional well-being.”

Dr. Mario Beauregard, Ph.D., Officially considered one of one-hundred most important pioneers in science in this century. A Canadian cognitive neuroscientist who is affiliated with the University of Arizona's psychology department

“Meditation for Daily Stress is the beginning of a revolution in the world of meditation, with profound implications for the world of medicine. To meditate for any amount of time is valuable, but Michel Pascal has created a new way to be mindful, one that requires only a minute of your time. He proves that this is all the time you need to receive the benefits of meditation and makes it incredibly easy to adopt these practices throughout the day and throughout the week”.

Dr. Natalie Trent, Ph.D. , Harvard University


  • Meditation Concert

  • Workshop/Conference

  • Direct and Edit a Spiritual Documentary

  • Sponsor a Teacher Training for somebody in need

  • Share your spiritual work in MY App “Meditation For Daily Stress”

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