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  • Michel Pascal will be singing meditative songs, tribal grove, mystic improvisation
  • Myron McKinley Trio will be playing along with Michel Pascal and also 2 solo tracks created by Myron McKinley Trio (Jazz)
  • Singers of First Unity Spiritual Campus, St Petersburg: will sing backing Vocals in some of the songs with Michel Pascal
  • Raihan Alam: Solo of Middle eastern Darbuka and aboriginal Australian Didgeridoo
  • Sonya Om: Will be dancing 3 songs


What topic/s will the speakers talk about?


  • Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith: Speech about Gratitude
  • Dr. Temple Hayes:Speech about Gratitude
  • Chef Marie Sophie L: Speech about Food and spirituality
  • Christina Hill: From homeless to Celebrity Coach /Channeler. Speech “Everyone can change”
  • Ena Love: Recite Poem about Love
  • Gabriella Wright: Speech “The force of Compassion”
  • Dame Nicole Brandon: International Actress of the Year award. Speech “The force of Determination”
  • Kimberley Harrell: Speech “Be happy be healthy”

Tickets will be available 90 days prior to the event at https://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2019/12/10/Michel-Pascal-Concert-0800PM