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  June 2 / Phoenix, Arizona 

  June 3 / Los Angeles, CA / Holocaust Survivor Concert

  June 9 / Long Beach, CA / Concert at Olive Yoga 

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  June 15 / Los Angeles, CA / “Return to Life” a Benefit Concert for Amity Foundation with special guest, Myron McKinley of Earth, Wind & Fire – To register follow the Ticket button Below

  July 6-8 / Yucatan, Mexico / Concert with the Dolphins 


Friday, June 15 @7p.m

  • A Michel Pascal Concert and Fundraising Celebration with Special Guests:

  • Myron McKinley, Music Director, Keyboard Player of Earth, wind and Fire

  • Navajo, Delaina Lincoln

  • Peruvian, Daniel Gutierrez
  • Colombian, Juliana Klinkert
  • Tibetan, Monk Lobsang Bodh
  • Dancer, Sonya Om Kai Aletaya
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Michel Pascal Amity Foundation event june 15


I am currently partnering with my dear friend and visionary producer, Stephanie Ann Lodge of ZENPIRE Media on a new mobile app and we did a portion of it for virtual reality as an immersive dome concert. We created the immersive dome concert in April with her immersive partner, Vortex Immersion Media. This type of sound healing experience is truly exciting and blends the elements of peace, love, compassion, and kindness woven together for all of humanity. We call the mobile app MIND DIVE. Through the immersive journey of light and sound within a dome, we intend to inspire everyone to recall who we are as this energy of love. With the guidance of musical director, Myron McKinley of Earth, Wind and Fire, plus other masters of music and immersive entertainment, we are looking to also develop a concert in residence to coincide with the app. If you are interested in investing in the dome concert or mobile app, please contact us.


Meditation For Daily Stress

Come and enjoy my Healing Meditation Yoga Center on Catalina Island


  • $20 per person is the suggested love energy exchange.
    • Schedule varies, inquire through our contact form.
  • Retreats on Catalina are also available and customized per person.
    • Please contact also for more information and pricing.
Michel´s Music and Books are also available for purchase both online and in person.



  • Meditation Concert

  • Workshop/Conference

  • Direct and Edit a Spiritual Documentary

  • Sponsor a Teacher Training for somebody in need

  • Share your spiritual work in MY App “Meditation For Daily Stress”

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