Concert for prisoners at Amity Foundation

Meditation Concert + Special Dinner

You will receive an amazing healing energy from the medicine voice of Michel Pascal. And the Shamanic Guitar Player Paul Pesco.

A multisensorial experience, with hypnotic video and aromas.

You will experience a journey to the source of the Tibetan Mantras,

the Gregorian chants from 12 century, and feel the force of the mother nature,

from the Navajo songs.

With Special Guest. Guitar Player Paul Pesco -

Sunday April 23, 2017 -

Support Parolees to become Meditation Teachers

In California 80% of Parolees go back in jail. But at Amity Foundation, with Meditation for Daily Stress 80% of Parolees Never Go back in Jail. They Find a job and re built a Family.

Multisensorial Show  4:00 p.m + Special Dinner 5:30 p.m

Where: Amity Foundation 3750 S Gran Avenue, Los Angeles CA

Donation: Open to all. Free will donation. Your donations to Amity Foundation will support the training of a Parolee to become a Meditation Teacher. With $1000 we train one Meditation Teacher.

4 p.m Opening Ceremony Doug Bond, President of Amity Foundation & Mark Faucette, Director of Communities

4:30 p.m Meditation Concert, Multi Sensorial Show, live music, hypnotic video, aromas, with the Medicine voice of Michel Pascal Tibetan Healing Mantras - Gregorian Chants from 12 Century and Navajos Songs

5 30 p.m Special Dinner, with organic ingredients grown at Amity Foundation Yard

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