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We would like to feel less stressed and less tired- and we know meditation could help- but we have no time, we are exhausted, and when the panic arrives at our job, we don't know what to do.

In just four short months, Michel Pascal's new meditation technique, "Emergency Well-Being" has dramatically changed the perception of meditating in America. Its success has come surprisingly fast, being practiced by workers, managers, soldiers, teachers, healthcare practitioners, hospital patients, entertainers and TV producers, celebrities, families and children, and educators. It has also helped many high-risk populations find peace in difficult circumstances including homeless and displaced adults, military veterans with PTSD, substance abusers (drugs, alcohol), insomniacs, pregnant women, and survivors of abuse.

Why is this way of meditating very different from others ways of meditating? Why is "Emergency Well-being" being practiced in the most influential and esteemed companies, non-profits and universities?

EMERGENCY WELL-BEING proposes a revolutionary mind training technique. All the meditation practices (yoga, etc.) propose we training in a quiet place (yoga studio, meditation room...). But after, when we go back in our daily life, we are stressed again. Why? Because we don’t live in these quiet places, but rather in our daily stressful situations. The key of the practice is, first, training the brain regularly, creating a new mind-set in the subconscious that it is possible to live and work without stress. This is a new conception of the way we have been taught to live our lives.

For the first time a method-- a mix of pure acknowledge from Buddhist monasteries and new medical research in neuroscience--proposes that we train in our reality: our workplace, in the subway, stuck in traffic, in the midst of our daily life...

Michel has created Emergency Well-Being Consultations , a weekly or monthly workshop with over 200 different practices specifically adapted to for each unique case.

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