Full Workshop Feel less stress at the workplace

Feel less stress at our workplace, full workshop of 90 minutes presented by Michel Pascal- Recorded at the Dharma Yoga Center New York, with an interviewe of the Legendary Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra
All time, we say “I am Busy”. Michel will teach how to have more time, to feel eternity at our workplace. How to meditate like a wind in the desert face to your computer?

Watch Full Replay Online - 90 minutes workshop

Michel Pascal is a meditation teacher and writer. Before to live in America, he lived in Kopan Monastery (the grandest monastery in Nepal). Tulku Chepa Dorje Rimpoche was his meditation teacher during 15 years. Michel is associated with Dr Mario Beauregard Ph,D neuroscientist and Dr Natalie Trent Ph,D Harvard. He has created Emergency well-Being, a new way of meditation, mix of pure old Nygmapa buddhism and new neuroscience. His technic is practiced by engineers and managers at Google Corporate office, students in Harvard University, Stony Brook University, Amity Foundation for parolees, drugs and alcohol abusers, ptsd, veteran soldiers, teachers and children, women pregnant…

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