Michel’s method includes ten easy practices that you can do for even a single minute to start, wherever you are, and then increase the time as you desire.  In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Meditate like the Horizon to unplug your brain from running constantly.

  • Meditate like a Dolphin to discover your inner peace during high-stress moments.

  • Meditate like a Mountain to feel more grounded during mood swings.

  • Meditate like a Wave to help you deal with difficult people or interactions.

  • Meditate like a Kiss to feel more aligned to romantic relationship.


Meditation Retreat, Kathmandu, Nepal

April 30, 2021 @ 9:00 am - May 9, 2021 @ 7:00 pm


Michel Pascal Mind Dive App


Free of cost application the first of its kind revolutionary app that makes mental health services easy to access and free of cost to millions of people around the globe combines Neuroscience Techniques for Meditation, Music, Yoga and Spiritual Documentaries thereby bringing some of the most exceptional minds of our times to your doorstep at the single click of a button – Free of Cost!

Mind Dive App Get it on Google Play

Mind Dive App Get it on Google Play

Deepak Chopra partners with social entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, actress and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, and director Michel Pascal to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing through their global movement “NeverAlone” and the film “I am never alone”

  • The first milestone in this movement is a public awareness film called “I am Never Alone”

  • In the film Gabriella Wright, plays the role of a mother who comes home from work and finds her 16-year-old son hanging in his room. But what comes next is everything: Gabriella seeks to understand what was going on in her son’s mind. She meets with Deepak Chopra and asks all the most difficult questions to understand how such a tragedy could have transpired – could it have been prevented? What went wrong and when? And now what to do with her grief?

  • The learn more and support, visit www.neveralone.love

  • Director: Michel Pascal / Script: Gabriella Wright & Michel Pascal

An inspiring Musician, composer, filmmaker, writer and meditation teacher.

Whose programs are in Fortune 500 companies, in prisons, and in his recent multimedia meditation performance at Carnegie Hall.

Now based in US, Michel had performed in some of the major venues of America like Carnegie Hall, Dome Vortex, Agape, Skirbal Theater. His performances include some of the most unique musicians and vocals.


Never Alone movement

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