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How to be more kind?

Kindness is a medicine, because every kind action changes our neuro chemical system, boosts our immune system, reduces the acidity on our stomach, stabilizes our heart beat.

When we are kind, our life finds meaning.  In Tibetan etymology,  “meditation’’ does not mean to be sitting down in a lotus position, but to transform our mind in our daily life.

From the perspective of the authentic meaning of meditation? What is the best meditation? To be kind, to develop any little kind attitude with everyone, transforms our life and It helps us to feel calmer.

We are depressed, because we dont find the sense of our life. When we are kind, when we give something to someone, we find a new sense in our life, and we don’t feel useless.

When our brain is running all of the time, when we feel like in a mental prison, locked down in our problems, but we develop a kind attitude, we open immediately the window of our mental prison . When we are kind our vital energy activates, and creates a good karma for this life and next lives.

When we are unkind, we feel alone. To be kind helps us to don’t feel alone.

But how to be more kind?

This is what we will be studying in these 2 days, The bodhisattva way of life, a guide to develop a profound kindness, in any actions of our daily life. When we are in a difficult situation, to develop any kind attitude changes our mood.

In this retreat we will also study the Monlam, the buddhist prayer to train our mind every day, in any little actions. When we develop more kindness, we are liberated from the mental suffering, from the ignorance. When we are kinder, we live a profound awakening.

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