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We will develop a new approach that will help us to take decisions, based on a quiet mind.

Adapted from the spiritual instructions of the Nectar of Buddhism, and The Therapists of Alexandria,

Because, the more our mind is stress, the more our mind gets confuse and is more difficult to have discernment and to take good decisions for our life.

Profound Meditation + Heart Sutra + Ritual of Clarity + Daily training for our discernment

DATE: Saturday January 16 + Sunday January 17

TIME : 11 am pst to 1:30 pm pst

Register by e mail meditationteachertraining@gmail.com

Every second, we must make choices for our daily life, future, relations.

How to discern?

How to find our path?

How to quiet our mind to discern in the abyss of our subconscious mind?

How to listen to our inner voice in the chaos of our world?

How to make the difference between our projections and the real decisions?

How to take the good decision?

What is a good decision?

What is the language of the body that confirm our good decisions?

How our decisions can influence our cells, our karma?

How can we be liberated from our bad decisions?

How to transform a bad decision in a precious teaching?

The choice of our life is our first Meditation. Our life depends on our choices.

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