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2 days Online Retreat

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We will develop a new approach that will help us to take decisions, based on a quiet mind. Adapted from the spiritual instructions of the Nectar of Buddhism, and The Therapists of Alexandria, Because, the more our mind is stress, the more our mind gets confuse and is more difficult to have discernment and to take [...]

Carnegie Hall – NYC

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MICHEL PASCAL INC AND NICOLE BRANDON PRESENT: A concert to raise awareness for the Never Alone world movement for Mental Health and suicide prevention Tickets available at https://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2019/12/10/Michel-Pascal-Concert-0800PM On December 10, 2019, thought leaders Deepak Chopra, Rev Temple Hayes, Rev Michael Beckwith, actress and humanitarian Gabriella Wright, and more than 16  inspirational speakers and musicians, including Earth [...]

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First Unity Spiritual Campus – St. Petersburg. FL

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Join Michel Pascal program for an amazing week Retreat> Exceptional Spiritual Retreat “The Invisible world” Experience the Natural and Invisible World  with Michel Pascal,  his finale retreat of 2019 at First Unity Spiritual Campus. In the Nygmapa Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, Michel Pascal shares the nectar of sacred teachings. Available only on the First Unity Spiritual Campus [...]

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First Unity Spiritual Campus – St. Petersburg. FL

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With meditative songs and improvisations, listeners are invited on a spiritual journey to experience the call of the shamanic. Also featuring: The Unity Voices Raihan Alam, Middle Eastern darbuka and Australian didgeridoo Don Cooper on gongs Joel Jadus on drums Cynthia and Kaylee Davis, dancers Childcare is available and furnished by our Red Cross Certified Care [...]

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